Student Disability Commission



// D MONTH //

Shain Neumeier: Institutionalization & Continuing Struggle for Disability Liberation (D Month) (Facebook event)
7pm – 9pm | Friday, April 14th | HUB 250

The word “institution” has a wide array of meanings and associations, both good and bad. Accordingly, there is a lot of ambivalence, and many conflicting viewpoints, about the nature and role of institutions, including how they affect disabled people. However, there are many overlaps between all forms of institutions, ranging from those viewed as the most benevolent such as public schools and psychiatric hospitals to those explicitly designed for punishment such as teen “boot camps” and prisons. Many of these core features are rooted in coercion and violence, or inevitably lead to them. This talk will discuss how institutions harm the disabled people within their walls, the rhetoric that allows them to continue doing so, and alternative models that respect the human rights and autonomy of disabled and other currently institutionalized people.

Mia Mingus (D Month) (Facebook event)
5:30pm – 7:30pm | Monday, April 17th | HUB 332
Join us for an evening with Mia Mingus as she shares about her experiences as a queer disabled woman of color searching for a political framework that could hold disability and ableism–what later became known as “disability justice.” Mingus will also talk about how her work for disability justice is connected to her work for transformative justice. This event will open with remarks from Mingus, followed by a Q&A and conversation with the audience.

Lydia XZ Brown: Struggling with Disability Justice: Self-Work, Collective Accountability, and Community Care in the Movement (D Month) (Facebook event)
7pm – 9pm | Friday, April 21st | HUB 334

What does an honest, authentic, genuine movement feel like or act like when so many of us have been burned out, kicked out, shut out, and pushed out of community spaces? How do we reconcile individual and collective trauma within activist spaces somewhere between accountability and compassion? If we are laboring for liberation, we have to start in our own communities. Confronting settler-colonialism, white supremacy, transmisogyny, ableism, and all other oppressions begins in the movement. Let us talk about rage and devastation, trauma and healing, and the meaning of active love and justice. Let us talk about the illusion of perfection and the activist’s overcomer narrative. Let us talk about what Disability Justice means for building better, stronger, more authentic movements.

Intersections of Disability + Public Health (D Month) (Facebook event)
3:30pm – 5:30pm | Tuesday, April 25th | HUB 332


Ableism & Audism 101 Workshop (Facebook event)
4:30pm – 6:30pm | Tuesday, January 23rd | D Center (MGH 024)
What are ableism and audism and how do they affect disabled and d/Deaf people’s lives? We’ll welcome folks who are new to these topics, reflect deeply about the intersections of oppression, and dream up new ways of supporting and advocating for all members of our communities.

Deaf & Disabled People of Color Narratives
Various times | Various Fridays | D Center (MGH 024)

Queer Disabled Narratives TBD


Solidarity Gathering for the Disabled, D/deaf, Neurodivergent, Mad/mentally ill folks and allies in the wake of the U.S. election (Facebook event)
10am to 12pm | Friday, November 18th | D Center (Mary Gates Hall 024)
A safe space for the community and allies to come together to reflect, discuss, and be in solidarity with one another. ASL interpreting and CART captioning have been requested. Please come fragrance free.

Psychiatric Abuse Panel (Facebook event)
7pm to 9pm | Tuesday, November 29th | HUB 332
A panel centered on the experiences of survivors of psychiatric and medical abuse. The first half of the panel will be moderated and the last half will have audience questions. ASL interpreting and CART have been requested. Please come fragrance free.