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Healthcare and Disability workshop

Purple background with tan text "Healthcare & Disability Workshop: Importance of Disability studies in Medicine and Healthcare. Friday, May 29th from 3-4 pm on Zoom. Questions? Email Katherine Chamblin at"

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Join the ASUW Student Disability Commission and Emily Noonan, PhD, MA, from the University of Louisville School of Medicine for a conversation discussing disability rights, barriers that lead to health and health care disparities for people with disabilities, the role that future health care providers and scientists play in ensuring the fair treatment of people with disabilities, and the importance of disability studies informed medical education.

Event recording:

This is a Zoom webinar put on by the ASUW Student Disability Commission on May 29th, 2020. This is for individual use only- do not reproduce or distribute.

For more information about Emily Noonan, and for screen-reader accessible versions of the slides, please visit-

The ASL interpreter in this recording is very small. We apologize for this mistake. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively correct the video but we will be fixing this in event recordings from now on.

Screen reader accessible version of Emily Noonan’s slides available here.