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Disability IS Diversity: A Conversation with Keah Brown

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Please join the ASUW Black Student Commission and the ASUW Student Disability Commission in welcoming the amazing author, actress, journalist and screenwriter, Keah Brown (@keah_maria on Instagram)! This event is perfect for anyone wanting to understand disability from a new perspective and explore disability intersectionality with race, gender, sexuality, and more. This hour-long event will let you get to know Keah, teach you what Black disabled joy is, and understand what it means to love yourself in a world that doesn’t want you to.

Event Recording

Accessibilty information: ASL interpretation and corrected captions are available.

If you have any accessibility concerns, or just questions in general, please reach out to SDC Director Christine Lew at

Keah Brown

Image description: Black woman with medium-length straight dark hair, wearing glasses and smiling, wearing a grey sweater and jeans. Background is a gravel road and trees.

Keah Brown is a journalist, author, and screenwriter.

She is the creator of #DisabledAndCute. Keah has a B.A. in journalism from The State University of New York at Fredonia.

Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire UK, And The New York Times, among other publications.

Her Debut essay collection, The Pretty One is out now.

Her debut picture book, Sam’s Super Seats will be out Fall 2022 via Koklia books.