Student Disability Commission

November 29, 2022

[Huskies for Neurodiversity] Technical Website Officer Applications are Open!

Are you interested in building accessible websites through WordPress? Join our team!

Winner of the 2021-2022 Husky Seed Fund Award, Huskies for Neurodiversity (HfN) is a student-led initiative that will promote visibility and acceptance of neurodiversity at UW campus and beyond. Spearheaded by a team with two neurodivergent students, our goal is to destigmatize and educate about neurodiversity and disability accommodations on campus to students and faculty, as well as provide a platform for neurodivergent individuals to share their stories and experiences in their own voice.

We are calling for applications for two Technical Website Officers to build and maintain the HfN website. 

Our website will feature the lived experiences of neurodivergent people as told from their own perspective, connect neurodiverse students with neurodiverse mentors, and provide credible articles and resources about a vast array of topics relevant to neurodiversity. 

As a Technical Website Officer, you will have the opportunity to…

  • Build your existing skills using WordPress 
  • Maintain WordPress site with new accessibility standards and new content while upholding universal design principles
  • Collaborate with current design website officers to implement features of the website based on HfN and user needs 
  • Collaborate with intra- and inter- organization partners to ensure that the website is accessible for all communities and up-to-date with collaborator information

More details about the position are included in the google form linked below.

This opportunity is available to anyone who self-identifies as neurodivergent, as well as anyone who considers themselves a neurodiverse ally. Feel free to forward these materials to your friends if they are interested!

Application Form: 

We will consider late applications, and this form will remain open until all spots are filled. In other words, if you can access this form, you can still apply! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis after the deadline. Direct any questions to Sabrina ( or Jiaxin ( We look forward to hearing from you!