Student Disability Commission

Guidance for Students

Need help paying for school?

Affordable College Online has compiled a list of resources for understanding Federal Grants, and a list of scholarships for students with disabilities. Access it here. 

There are also some guides from for certain careers and disabilities here:

Careers & Degrees in Healthcare: A Guide for Students with Disabilities:
Resources and Support for College Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or Dyscalculia:
Scholarships & Resources for Students with Visual Disabilities:


Do you have a complaint or negative experience with the University regarding your accommodations?

We are more than happy to talk to you about it. We, as fellow students, are happy to serve as a listening ear, and we will try to point you to resources. Please check our office hours here (Director’s hours here, and Assistant Director’s hours here) and contact us to make an appointment (Director’s email here and Assistant Director’s email here).


Here are some main resources that we suggest if you have complaints about your accommodations process. If your needs are not being met, as a person with a disability at UW, we highly suggest you follow one of these pathways:


Accommodation Reconsideration

Useful if you do not get a preferred accommodation that you requested from a DRS office (tri campus wide) or do not think the effective alternative proposed removes the access barrier that you shared with DRS. This is an internal DRS process for them to state items and seek a reconsideration.

Formal Grievance of Discrimination (investigation of discrimination):

UCIRO is the office that will formally investigate a reported claim/concern of discrimination or a failure to accommodate across all campuses.

Informal Complaints:

ADA Office, Ombud, DRS Leadership are options for you to share concerns specifically without going through the formal investigation process of UCIRO.

  • The ADA Office is an option for process issues or concerns both out of DRS/DSO or other campus process (i.e. Hardship Withdrawal), or to just learn more about options and pathways available as a person with a disability.
  • DRS complaint mediation is an option for things related to specific staff in the office, faculty in classes, and interactions of concern/sharing direct experience with the Director.
  • Ombud is an option similar to the ADA office and they really work on getting supportive communication flowing between parties if needed.


Us at the SDC are more than happy to guide you through this process. Please don’t hesistate to reach out to us! We are here to support you.