Student Disability Commission

February 7, 2023

SDC Disability Allyship Workshop

Black horizontal poster with black and white hands clasping making the sign for ALLY in ASL. Next to the image is bold yellow text that reads "DISABILITY ALLYSHIP WORKSHOP" Below is smaller white text reads "Thur, Feb 9 | 4-5:30pm. Zoom Webinar"

Join the ASUW Student Disability Commission & UW D-Center for our annual Disability Allyship Workshop on Thursday, February 9th from 4:00 to 5:30pm!

This webinar is open to all students, staff or faculty who are interested in learning how to be a better ally to the disability community. Attendees will learn about various frameworks to conceptualize disability, inclusive disability language, and various strategies to avoid ableism (discrimination on the basis of disability). Whether you are well-versed in disability justice, or new to the concept of disability altogether, this workshop is for you!

Accessibility information: ASL & CART will be provided, and the webinar will be recorded and published to the ASUW SDC’s youtube channel for asynchronous access. If you have any additional access needs or concerns, please contact the SDC Director at