Student Disability Commission

Access Guide

Trouble navigating UW’s campus?

The UW Seattle campus is deceptively steep, rising from Lake Washington on the east to an elevation of 224 feet at the northwest corner, a rise equal to an 18-story building. Spanning approximately 15 blocks north to south and 25 blocks east to west, the University encourages wheelchair users to consider using power-operated wheelchairs on campus.

Since the University is located on a sloping site, many of the pedestrian pathways have conditions that do not meet accessibility requirements for slope, duration, surface and rails. Please refer to the access guide for assistance with route planning. Individuals may need to experience a given route to determine if it is accessible for them.

Information available on the guide includes the following:

  • assisted entrances
  • multilevel entrances
  • manual entrances
  • routes without stairs
  • routes navigable by wheelchair
  • elevators
  • accessible restrooms
  • accessible parking areas near buildings