Student Disability Commission

Zoom Auto-Captioning

Step-By-Step Guide on Enabling and Using Zoom Auto Captioning Feature

1.    Login to zoom 

2.    Go to the settings icon in the top right-hand corner

3.    Move from the “General” tab on the left side down to the “Profile” tab that is approximately 7 tabs below the “General” tab 

4.    Click on “View Advanced Features” 

5.    A browser window will open to the zoom settings

6.    Toggle away from the zoom settings and to the browser window that just opened 

7.    Do not move or click away from the page you were initially directed to 

8.    Scroll down to the sub heading titled “In-Meeting (Advanced)” 

9.    Scroll down to the fourth option labeled “Closed Captioning” 

10.Click on the toggle button to the right of the “Closed Captioning” option to enable this feature 

11.When a notification stating that enabling the “Closed Captioning” feature may change the settings on “Save Captions” click “Enable” on the bottom of the notification 

12.Ensure the second checkbox titled “Allow live transcription service to transcribe meeting automatically” is clicked” as enabling/disabling of Closed Captions may untoggle this setting.

13.Exit out of the browser window 

14.Return to the zoom login page that we used at the beginning of the tutorial 

15.Again, click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner 

16.Move from the “General” tab on the left side of the scree to the “Audio” tab that is approximately two tabs below the “General”tab

17.Scroll down to the subheading “Music and Professional Audio”

18.Click the checkboxes labeled “High fidelity music mode”, “Echo cancellation” and “Stereo audio” 

19.Close out of the zoom settings page 

20.Test out the captioning feature by beginning a new meeting 

21.When your new meeting begins, you will see a closed captioning option at the bottom of the zoom window next to the record button

22.Click on the closed captioning button 

23.A small window will open above the closed captioning button offering 3 options “Assign Someone To Type”, “Use 3rd Party CC Service” and “Live Transcript” 

24.Click “Live Transcript” 

25.Begin speaking to test out your new closed captioning system via zoom 

Closed Captions will be seen by all of the participants in your zoom meetings and can be recorded when using the record function 

A Closed Captioning transcript will be emailed to you after your zoom meeting has ended with everything that was said and who said them 

The Closed Captioning option will be offered in every zoom meeting that you host going forward, and can be turned off at will